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Our Vutek Printing Machine


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3D Scenic Wallpapers | Kids Room Wallpapers | Cheapest Wallpapers

# 3 Dimensional Wallpaper Models | One Piece Wallpaper | One Piece 3D Wallpaper

There is no ready wallpaper on our site!

All of the models are produced in special sizes with the order.

Printing on 1st Class Imported Poster, Vinyl and One Piece Textile Paper

3D Wallpaper Samples Poster, Vinyl and One Piece Textile Wallpapers Manufacturing

Our printing machines print close to photo quality .

Perfect 3D Walls with Customized Designs

Expert in wallpapers

You can get ideas and support from our designer and editor Mustafa ÖZEL .

We Can Make 3D Wallpapers In Your Own Photos

Your photos must be in high resolution.

Send e-mail to and write your contact information to your e-mail and we will get back to you.

New Generation 1st Class Quality 3D Wallpapers

It can be used in areas such as Bedroom, Living Room, Kitchen, Living Room, Children's Room, Office, Office, Hospital, Aesthetic Centers, Beauty Salons, Hairdressers, Polyclinics, Cafe and Restaurant everywhere that does not contact with water.

Photo Quality in 3D Wallpapers

Most of the objects such as photographs, objects, illustrations, oil paintings on our site have been purchased from the world's largest image site . If you want, you can choose from the site.



In our high-tech printing machines, we print 10 passes on high resolution vinyl wallpaper and get close to photo quality. We offer hundreds of model wallpapers, such as 3D view wallpapers , scenic wallpapers, or aged brick wallpaper.

Our principled understanding of trade allows us to look to the future more confidently.

In 2012, with the motto of customer satisfaction we get 3D wallpaper manufacturing and sales follow-up as well as new technologies and expanding its product range to our valued customers every day whether we offer quality service at all times.

We offer wallpaper options in many sectors such as Aesthetics, cosmetics, hairdressers, healthcare by addressing different sectors.

In terms of decoration, it changes the ambience of the environment on the applied walls, both in appearance and spirit.

The customers we serve inform us by thanking that they meet their expectations from our wallpapers.

As DUVKA, all of the photos on our site were purchased from, which sells high resolution photos.

If there is a product you can not choose from our site, you can choose photos from shutterstock, just give us the photo ID.

While you are searching for photos on the site, although it is Turkish language support, it is more useful to search using English translation.

Another wallpaper site is


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